Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Topic 1: The DNA

Topic 2: The scientists who contributed in the study of DNA structure

Topic 3: Features of the Double –helix structure DNA

Topic 4: Packaging of DNA Helix

Topic 5: The search for genetic material – Griffith’s experiment

Topic 6: The genetic material is DNA- The Harshey – Chase experiment

Topic 7: Properties of genetic material (DNA versus RNA)

Topic 8: Replication

Topic 9: Meselson and Stahl’s experiment

Topic 10: Transcription

Topic 11: Transcription unit and the gene

Topic 12: Types of RNA and the process of transcription

Topic 13: Genetic code

Topic 14: Mutation

Topic 15: tRNA– The adapter molecule

Topic 16: Translation

Topic 17: Regulation of gene expression- The lac operon

Topic 18: Human genome project

Topic 19: Methodologies of DNA sequencing – Sanger method

Topic 20: DNA fingerprinting

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