About us

Unitek software Pvt Ltd, founded in 1994, is a Kerala based software company engaged in research, development and marketing of fully syllabus based digital contents for schools and students. The world class K-12 products are developed investing 27 years of international experience and expertise in the space of digital learning. A highly energized team of multi-disciplinary specialists such as educational experts, academicians, Mathematic geniuses, world class teachers, clinical psychologists, subject experts, animators and engineers researched for years to develop the products.

Revolution in K-12 education providing innovative and advanced digital technology

Unitek Software Pvt Ltd constantly innovates in pedagogy, technology and content aimed at enhancing learning experiences for CBSE, ICSE and various State Board schools in the K12 education landscape in India.Our dream is to end the digital divide by providing every student with the most advanced digital contents mapped to the exact curriculum. Our aim is to reach even the remotest villages to provide the world class learning technology at the best affordable price


Revolution in K-12 education providing innovative and advanced digital technology.


Provide the best digital learning solutions to every school student at an affordable cost.

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