About us

Unitek software Pvt Ltd, founded in 1994, is a Kerala based software company engaged in research, development and marketing of fully syllabus based digital contents for schools and students. We are the pioneers in technology based teaching and learning content sector and are the leaders in this sector with thousands of schools and millions of students as customers. We have our products sold in 22 countries spread over four continents and are the leaders in that field since 1994.

Learn scientifically, Practice perfectly and score very high marks easily

Unitek's teaching and learning solutions are developed for CBSE, ICSE, various State syllabuses in India and for many countries across the globe. The range of products starts from Pre-School level to 12th Standard/Grade level. Our software products scientifically explains every chapter and topic in the text book using the most advanced technological methods, tools, solutions, scientifically prepared notes, visuals, graphs and verbal explanations.They have conducted research for years to develop our world class products. Our R&D team is continuously engaged in the upgrading of our software products by adding new topics, questions, tests and also latest tools for learning and practicing.

The contents cover every chapter and every topic as in the text book. Scientifically prepared notes, visuals, graphs, labs and explanation by experts make the learning better, faster, easier, effective, enjoyable and perfect. Hundreds of interactive tests with answer keys, solutions, varieties of questions, trial and error techniques and many other unique features give the teachers and students unlimited options for teaching, learning and practicing. This will enhance the confidence of the student and help the student write even the toughest exams with high speed and accuracy.Unitek is the first company in the world to develop a unique and unmatched learning system called S L S (Synchronized Learning System).

Unique 5 phase learning system with three way explanation method make the learning better, faster, easier, effective and enjoyable

This is the latest and the perfect learning system which synchronizes the school, student's study room and teacher's preparation room. This gives the student 24x7 access to the same contents and technological tools used in the school.This system elevates the schools to international standards . We do have a very strong R&D team consists of world class educational experts, scientists, mathematicians, renowned teachers, child psychologists, content developers, software experts and renowned doctors treating for learning disabilities.

Schools are the refineries for human beings. Education refines, enriches and enhances them by inducing knowledge into them, and adds value to them. Value added human beings thus become the most valuable and important resources of a nation. In the coming future, countries with well educated, value added, human beings will be far ahead of the others in growth, richness and success.

Unitek Software Pvt Ltd is proud in contributing substantially towards this great goal.Our vision is to standardize the school level teaching and learning systems across the globe by providing innovative, scientific and advanced, and technological methods. Our dream is to become the world leader in equipping schools with unmatched technological teaching systems and in equipping every study room with unmatched learning methods.

We believe that technology enabled learning systems can give every student a very strong foundation in Languages, Science, Mathematics and other subjects from the young ages.Unitek's teaching and learning Unitek's digital electronic interactive smart class solutions are the best, most economical and most content rich ones, in its class, available in the market.