Chapter 15 : Polymers

Topic 1: Polymer

Topic 2: Classification of polymers – Classification based on source

Topic 3: Classification based on structure of polymers    

 Topic 4: Classification based on mode of polymerization

Topic 5: Classification based on molecular forces

Topic 6: Addition polymerisation – Free radical mechanism

Topic 7: Preparation of some important addition polymers

Topic 8: Preparation of Polytetrafluoroethene ( Teflon) and polyacrylonitrile

Topic 9: Condensation polymerisation or step growth polymerisation

Topic 10: Some important condensation polymerisation reactions

Topic 11: Copolymersation

Topic 12: Rubber

Topic 13 : Vulcanisation of rubber

Topic 14: Synthetic rubbers

Topic 15: Molecular mass of polymers

Topic 16: Biodegradable polymers

Topic 17: Polymers of commercial importance

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