Chapter 12 : Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Topic 1: Aldehydes and ketones

Topic 2: Nomenclature of carbonyl group

Topic 3: Common and IUPAC names of some aldehydes

Topic 4: Structure of the carbonyl group

Topic 5: Preparation of aldehydes

Topic 6: Preparation of ketones

Topic 7: Physical properties

Topic 8: Chemical reactions

Topic 9: Uses of aldehydes and ketones

Topic 10: Nomenclature of carboxyl group

Topic 11: Structure of carboxyl group

Topic 12: Methods of preparation of carboxylic acids

Topic 13: Physical properties of carboxylic acids

Topic 14: Reactions involving cleavage of O-H bond

Topic 15: Reactions involving cleavage of  C-OH bond

Topic 16: Reactions involving –COOH group

Topic 17: Substitution reactions in the hydrocarbon part

Topic 18: Uses of carboxylic acids

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