Chapter 11 : Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

 Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Classification

Topic 3: Nomenclature of alcohols

Topic 4: Nomenclature of phenols

Topic 5: Nomenclature of ethers 

Topic 6: Structures of functional group

Topic 7: Alcohols and phenols – Preparation of alcohols

Topic 8: Preparation of alcohols from carbonyl acids and carboxylic acids

Topic 9: Preparation of ethanol

Topic 9: Preparation of phenols

Topic 10: Physical properties

Topic 11: Chemical reactions

Topic 12: Acidity of alcohols and phenols

Topic 13: Some commercially important alcohols -Methanol

Topic 14: Manufacturing of ethanol

Topic 15: Preparation of ethers

Topic 16: Physical properties of ethers

Topic 17: Chemical reactions of ethers

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