Chapter 3: Current Electricity

Topic 1: Electric current

Topic 2: Electric currents in conductors

Topic 3: Ohm’s law

Topic 4: Drift of electrons and the origin of resistivity

Topic 5: Limitations of Ohm’s law

Topic 6: Resistivity of various materials

Topic 7: Colour code of resistors

Topic 8: Temperature dependence of resistivity

Topic 9: Electrical energy, power

Topic 10: Combination of resistors — Series and parallel

Topic 11: Cells, emf, internal resistance

Topic 12: Cells in series and in parallel

Topic 13: Kirchhoff’s laws

Topic 14: Kirchhoff’s law – Solved problem -1

Topic 15: Kirchhoff’s rule –Solved problem-2

Topic 16: Wheatstone bridge

Topic 17: Wheatstone bridge – Solved problem

Topic 18:  Meter bridge

Topic 19:  Meter bridge – Solved problem

Topic 20: Potentiometer

Topic 21: Potentiometer – Solved problem

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