Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Topic 1: Electrostatic potential

Topic 2: Potential due to a point charge

Topic 3: Potential due to an electric dipole

Topic 4: Potential due to a system of charges

Topic 5: Equipotential surfaces

Topic 6: Equipotential surface for a dipole

Topic 7:  Potential energy of a system of charges

Topic 8: Potential energy in an external field

Topic 9: Potential energy of a dipole in an external field

Topic 10: Electrostatics of conductors

Topic 11: Dielectrics and polarisation

Topic 12: Capacitors and capacitance

Topic 13: Combination of capacitors

Topic 14: Energy stored in a capacitor

Topic 15: The parallel plate capacitor

 topic 16: Effect of dielectric on capacitance

Topic 17: Vann de Graaff generator

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