World’s most advanced 5 level learning system without internet for much better, faster, easier, effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Level 1:

Pre preparation: Because of shyness, fear of humiliation or lack of confidence students are usually reluctant to ask doubts to the teachers. Students can use the software and understand the concepts of the topics to be learned before going to the class. This will give them enough confidence to ask doubts to the teachers.. Such interactions enhance the relationship between the teachers and the students. The students gain enhanced confidence and become highly motivated

Level 2:

Classroom learning: Focus in the class room and listen to the teacher. Ask questions, interact with the teacher, clear doubts, and get motivated by the teacher. This will give immense confidence which is very much needed in learning and performing in exams.

Level 3:

Revise, Remember and Reinforce: This can be done sitting in the study room after reaching from school. Go through the topics learned in the school again and again using the software. This will help the concepts get rooted in the memory for ever.

Level 4:

Use trial and error method in the software: Use unique trial and error learning methods given at the end of every chapter. It gives right steps, answers and solutions with instant scores. This will help the student answer similar types of questions much better, faster and accurate.

Level 5:

Practice with various types of questions and tests: Exam oriented “memorizing game” gives way to real concept based practicing. At the end of every chapter, various types of questions and tests are given for practicing. Various types of questions include

The new scientific methods of 5 level study will make learning better, faster, easier, effective, and enjoyable. Thus success becomes a lifelong companion

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