Few of the Valuable Testimonials

  • Fr. Dr. Francis Chalakkulam

    "I used a competitor's product for some time, but I have been a convert to Unitek's educational software since I have attended a demonstration on Unitek's software for schools and students. These software allow students to explore topics and subject areas while understanding the direct relationship of the previous level. The visual connections have been a great support to the special-education students."

    Fr. Dr. Francis Chalakkulam
  • Mr. Osman Salih

    The educational software from Unitek software company from India shows the perfect way to engage students who traditionally tend not to enjoy studies and perform. I think it is a great teaching tool. The students think it is the coolest activity they have ever done." The developers have also been remarkably responsive to user needs – a rarity in software development these days."

    Mr. Osman Salih
    Sharjah, UAE
  • Mr. Thomas Koshy

    "Unitek`s syllabus based educational software has been positively received by several of the faculty at our school.,

    Mr. Thomas Koshy
  • Mr. Venketesh Moorthy

    Students are enraptured by the graphics and animation! The tutorials are outstanding in explaining concepts that students often struggle with." Thanks to Unitek for the innovative concepts and tools.

    Mr. Venketesh Moorthy
  • Mr. R. Ramesh

    "The use of animation is especially effective in conveying the concepts and operations of mathematics."

    Mr. R. Ramesh
  • Mr.R. Ravichandran
    "This is an outstanding software series that students at all levels can use to improve their science and math skills."

    Mr.R. Ravichandran
    Lotus systems, Coimbatore
  • Mr. Prathyush
    "The Little Genius from Unitek has been remarkably effective in helping students develop problem-solving skills."

    Mr. Prathyush
  • Mr. Philip Koshy

    "Students at all levels benefit from the wide range of problem solving exercises, and the diagnostic evaluations of their performance."

    Mr. Philip Koshy
    New Delhi
  • Manjunath Sing
    "Your software embodies the best in educational software. It is a remarkable resource for math and science educators!"

    Manjunath Sing
  • Mr. George

    "The staff of Unitek Software Pvt Ltd are always very courteous and helpful when I am shopping for software for our school division. As a customer, I have always been very satisfied with their products, service and delivery. I look forward to using Unitek`s educational products for myself and will recommend it to my students. "

    Mr. George
  • Dr. Eltaybe Elebaid Naima

    "Unitek`s educational software for schools has been one of the programs, I have come to appreciate more than any other . Your software is easy to install, use, and has beautiful graphics, and is really appealing to my students. "

    Dr. Eltaybe Elebaid Naima
  • Dr. Kapil Raina

    "Having dealt with Unitek Software Pvt Ltd for many years, I have never been disappointed with the personal service, the prices, and the timely deliveries of products. In addition to my personal and school needs, my students (and their parents) are grateful to now have a means to purchase the software we use in class at a reasonable cost."

    Dr. Kapil Raina
    New Delhi
  • Mr Subramany

    "This software is awesome. Very easy to use finding what you want is extremely easy. Unbelievable results in exams and we came to know the impact of latest technology in the syllabus learning. Thanks. God bless you"

    Mr Subramany
  • Mr. Prabhu
    "Very impressed with your little genius software. Easy to user. Excellently explained topics and animations!"
    Mr. Prabhu
  • Mrs. Jessy Joby

    "Your educational software is very user friendly. I could not believe that a single software can contain this much data. This software is a must for every house hold."

    Mrs. Jessy Joby
  • Ms.Mujitha Kandy

    "Little Genius is very user friendly and highly useful. I recommend unitek`s software to every student. Very huge difference in scores can be seen in a few weeks. Will be ordering more software in the very near future."

    Ms.Mujitha Kandy
  • Mr. Abdul Gadir
    "Great price, very reasonable shipping... a great find!"

    Mr. Abdul Gadir
  • Mr. Arun Kumar

    "I called the number on your site to find out more about a program I was interested in purchasing and the person at the other end of the line was very helpful and genuinely nice."

    Mr. Arun Kumar
  • Mr.P.Narayan Rao

    "My child`s friend`s father only suggested your software. Now my child enhanced his position to no 1 in his class in six months time. Unbelievable for me as a parent. Our blessings and prayers to the entire Unitek family. Really you revolutionalise the educational world"

    Mr.P.Narayan Rao
  • Mr. R. Raja

    "Extremely easy for any student. Every minute my children sit in front of the computer has some meaning now. My children are studying the lessons with joy and with great interest. Thanks to Unitek "

    Mr. R. Raja
    Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu
  • Lancy Fernadaz

    "This was fantastic! You clearly listed all of the software included and provided helpful descriptions of each program. There was more information than I really needed, but I would always rather there be too much than too little. Thanks!"

    Lancy Fernadaz
  • Dr. Khalida

    "Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to by the newest and best quality educational software at such incredible prices!". Great value for money. Great future for my kids in studies. Thanks a lot

    Dr. Khalida
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