UN07KL-Unitek’s Young Genius Digital Premium Plus Class 7 (Kerala Board)


Subjects covered in one year pack:

1) Science 2) Mathematics 3) English grammar .

Technical requirements:

Products are developed for computers with Windows OS. Every software is protected with a password.
No need to install any other software or applications.
Read directions carefully before starting installation.

Validity: 1 Year from the date of installation.

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Subject and Chapters


Reaping Gold from Soil
Wonders of Visible Light
Acids and Alkalis
Through the Alimentary Canal
When Current Flows
For a Pollution Free Nature
Breath and Blood of Life
Pressure in Liquids and Gases
Paths of Heat Flow
Safety in Food too


Part I
Adding Angles
Parallel Lines
Unchanging Relations
Repeated Multiplication
Area of a Triangle

Part II
Squares and Square Roots
Speed Math
Drawing Triangles
Money Math
Numbers and Algebra
Squares and Right Triangles
New Numbers
Pie Charts

English Part - |

Prefixes and suffixes
Possesive adjective and pronoun
Non finite verbs
Verbs: Tenses
Present tense
Future tense
Kinds of phrases
Kinds of clauses

English Part - ||

Active and passive voice
Direct and indirect speech
Question tag
Letter writing
Diary writing
Punctuation and capital letters
Synonyms and antonyms
Essay writing
Active and passive voice (more)
Active and passive voice (more)


1. Our software is mapped to the curriculum.
2. Prepared by renowned educational experts and curriculum specialists
3. Hundreds of test papers, questions for practicing, solutions if the answer is wrong
4. Scientifically prepared modules enhances the speed, accuracy and perfection in exams
5. Learned portions get rooted in the memory for ever
6. No need for frequent revisions.
7. Strong foundation in grammar. Hundreds of tests and questions for grammar, which are essentially coming for exams, are given in each chapter.


All the features mentioned above come as a pack in single software, Installable in computers with Windows OS. It is single PC password protected for one computer use. It is a unique product which is very economical, content rich, easy to install, easy to use software used by thousands of schools and students across India and in many other countries.

Software for computers with Windows OS. Licenses are protected by password for single and same computer..

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