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NEET exam practicing modules. The most innovative, advanced and effective practicing modules for very high scores in entrance exams.

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  1. Continuous practice is the best method to enhance confidence and to score high in a NEET exam.
  2. The more the practice is, the more the chance to score high ranks.
  3. Frequent practice will increase speed, accuracy and perfection in exams. This helps the students to attempt all the questions in the NEET exam and score high ranks.
  4. Each NEET test is generated from a question bank of thousands of questions selected by experts.
  5. Several thousand questions are given for each subject. Physics, Chemistry and Biology ( Botany + Zoology)
  6. Types of questions included: Most probable questions which may come for NEET exams, Previous year’s questions, Questions of various difficulty levels, Twisted, tough, tricky and indirect questions. This method will enable a student crack, even the toughest question much faster.
  7. NEET practice sessions contain 3 separate modules for each subject. 30 minutes with 30 questions, 60 minutes with 60 questions and 120 minutes with 120 questions sessions. Student can choose any of the tests according to the time available.
  8. Each NEET test is designed following the NEET scoring system. Correct answer will get 4 marks and the wrong answer will get a minus mark. Instant evaluation with live scores will give the student ample training.
  9. Every practice test comes with a timer, live score, evaluation, list of unattended questions, wrong answers, minus marks, right answers, clues to right answer etc


  1. Each NEET mock exam contains 180 questions.
  2. Each exam is like a live NEET exam. Every test comes with a timer, live score, evaluation, list of unattended questions, wrong answers, minus marks, right answers, clues to right answer etc.
  3. The evaluation system after each NEET mock exam helps the students correct their mistakes and perform much better with high accuracy and perfection after each exam.


  1. Unlimited practice sessions consisting of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes are given to select from a pool of 10000 + questions.
  2. Trusted product from a 28 year old educational content company. Developed by NEET experts and leading teachers in India.
  3. Every test is supported with live evaluation and live scores. Correct answers and wrong marks review facility. Performance analysis based report after each test predicts the chances to win.
  4. Increases speed, accuracy and perfection in competitive exams like NEET
  5. Even if a student knows all the answers in a competitive exam like NEET, he may not get a high rank unless he completes the exam in the stipulated time. Speed, accuracy and perfection are very important in a NEET exam.
  6. Students will be able to crack, tough, tricky, indirect, twisted and questions of various difficulty levels.
  7. Increased speed will help answer all the questions and ensure a top rank in the NEET exam.
  8. Student will be able to measure his improvement on a daily basis. This boosts the confidence level as the exam sate approaches.
  9. Instant scoring system with minus mark will give live scores.
  10. Live expert evaluation helps to improve scores and helps to attend maximum number of questions in every exam


     All the tests can be done on online devices like smart phones, computers and tabs. Licenses are protected by password for
     single and same device.

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