Advantages of offline products compared to online products / tuitions

Unitek’s offline products Other online products / tuitions
Internet connection not required.
Internet connection is a must.
No data charges. So huge savings on data charges.
Huge expenses on data charges.
This may be more than the tuition fee
when calculated on monthly/Annual basis.
No scope for misuse of internet by students
since all the products are working without internet.
Possibilities for misuse of internet is very high.
Students will be tempted to visit
undesirable web sites or play games.
This will definitely affect the focus/concentration
on studies.
Any time access 24 x 7. This gives ample time for extra curricular activities.
Access only when tutor is available.This affects the freedom of studies.
Internet failure and low speed are not affected. Electricity failures are not affected.
Internet failure and slow speed affect
studies. Students in the same class may not have
same facilities to access the class.
Students can fully concentrate on studies.
Concentration on studies is broken due to online disturbances.
Freedom to select a convenient time for study.
Compulsory attendance as per the tutor’s convenience affects the freedom of student.
Independent study enhances confidence
Online learning is stressful and very tiring
Huge savings up to 90% compared to online tuitions.
Online tuitions are highly expensive. Quality of tuition and teacher varies.
Software assisted tests, instant assessments and solutions.
Test evaluations are delayed.
100% individual use without sharing with anyone else. One to one effect
Online tuition time is divided based on the number of students.
Unlimited access to any chapter or topic instantly and at any time.
Only possible with the help of the tutor.
Most successful students used to learn
in the early mornings and late nights. Only offline software supports this
This is not possible in online tuitions and studies.
Quality of pronunciation matches British standards. Learning quality becomes uniform for every student.
Changes the quality of pronunciation and teaching methods when teachers change.
Students can go through the topics, notes and explanations any number of times till they understand the concept perfectly.
Usually no unlimited options for live notes and verbal explanations. If the concept is not understood, student will have to wait for more days.
If needed parents can assist their children.
Most of the parents are educated.
Our software gives perfect guidelines to the parents about the quality of teaching.
This is not possible in online classes.
Class 11 and 12 students preparing for NEET/JEE/Entrances have unlimited offline tests with instant score analysis.
Maximum 2 NEET /JEE tests per week is possible. Evaluation may be available after many days.
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