Chapter 5:Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

Topic 1:         Introduction

Topic 2:         Complex Number

Topic 3:         Problems on Complex Number

Topic 4:         Addition of two complex numbers

Topic 5 :        Difference of two complex numbers

Topic 6:         Multiplication of two complex numbers

Topic 7:         Division of two complex numbers

Topic 8:         The square roots of a negative real number

Topic 9:         Prove the identity

Topic 10:       Express the following in the form of a + bi

Topic 11:       The modulus and the conjugate of a complex number

Topic 12:       Multiplicative inverse of 2 – 3

Topic 13:       Argand Plane and Polar Representation

Topic14:        Polar representation of a complex number

Topic 15:       Represent the complex number z =1+ i3 in the polar form

Topic 16:       Convert the complex number into polar form

Topic 17:       Quadratic Equations

Topic 18:       Nature of root

Topic 19:       Problems on quadratic equations

Topic 20:       Find the modulus and argument of the complex numbers

Topic 21:       Summary

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