Chapter 5 : Surface Chemistry

Topic 1: Adsorption

Topic 2: Distinction between adsorption and absorption

Topic 3: Mechanism of adsorption

Topic 4 : Types of adsorption

Topic: 5: Adsorption isotherms

Topic 6: Applications of adsorption

Topic 7: Catalysis

Topic 8: Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

Topic 9: Adsorption theory of heterogeneous catalysis

Topic 10: Shape selective catalysts by zeolites

Topic: 11 Enzyme catalysis- Mechanism

 Topic 12: Catalysts in Industry

Topic 13: Colloids

Topic 14: Colloids based on physical state, dispersion phase and medium

Topic 16: Classification of colloids based on nature of interaction

Topic 17 : Types of particles of the dispersed phase

 Topic 18: Associated colloids- Micelle formation and action of soaps

Topic 19: Preparation of colloids- Chemical methods

Topic 20: Preparation of colloids – Bredig’s arc method

Topic 21: Preparation of colloids – Peptization

Topic 22: Purification of colloidal solutions

Topic 23: Purification of colloidal solutions – Electro – dialysis

Topic 24: Purification of colloidal solutions – Ultrafiltration

Topic 25: Properties of colloidal solutions

Topic 26: Tyndall effect 

Topic 27: Colour of a colloidal solution

Topic 28: Brownian movement  of colloidal particle

Topic 29 : Electrophoresis

Topic 30: Emulsions

Topic 31: Colloids around us

 Topic 32: Applications of colloids

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