Chapter 16: Environmental Issues

Topic 1: Air pollution and its control – Electrostatic precipitator

Topic 2: Catalytic converter in vehicles

Topic 3: Water pollution and its control

Topic 4: Algal bloom

Topic 5: Domestic sewage and industrial effluents

Topic 6:  Biomagnifications

Topic 7:  Solid wastes – Burning

Topic 8: Sanitary landfills

Topic 9: Proper Management of solid waste

Topic10: Incinerator    

Topic 11: E- waste

Topic 12: Agro-chemicals and their effects

Topic 13: Radioactive wastes

Topic 14: Greenhouse effect and global warming

Topic 15: Ozone depletion in the stratosphere

Topic 16: Degradation by improper resource utilisation and  maintenance

Topic 17: Deforestation 

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