Chapter 13: Probability

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Conditional probability

Topic 3: Properties of conditional probability

Topic 4: Problems on conditional probability

Topic 5: Multiplication theorem on probability

Topic 6: Problems on multiplication theorem on probability

Topic 7: Independent events

Topic 8: Problems on independent events

Topic 9: Bayes’ theorem

Topic 10: Partition of a sample space

Topic 11: Theorem of total probability

Topic 12: Problems on Bayes’ theorem

Topic 13: Random variables and its probability distributions

Topic 14: Problems on random variables

Topic 15: Probability distribution of a random variable

Topic 16: Problems on probability distribution

Topic 17: Mean of a random variable

Topic 18: Problem on mean of a random variable

Topic 19: Variance of a random variable

Topic 20: Problems on variance of a random variable

Topic 21: Bernoulli trials

Topic 22: Problem on Bernoulli trials

Topic 23: Binomial distribution

Topic 24: Problem on binomial distribution

Topic 25: Miscellaneous examples


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