Chapter 1 : The Solid State

Topic 1: General characteristics of solid state

Topic 2: Amorphous solids

Topic 3: Crystalline solids

Topic 4: Classification of crystalline solids

Topic 5: Ionic solids

Topic 6: Metallic solids

Topic 7: Covalent or network solids

Topic 8: Crystal lattices and unit cells

Topic 9: Unit cell

Topic 10: Primitive unit cells

Topic 11: Centred unit cells

Topic 12: Structure of centred unit cells – Number of atoms in a unit cell

Topic 13: Close-packed structures

Topic 14: Close packing in two dimensions

Topic 15: Close packing in three dimensions  Part -1

Topic 16: Close packing in three dimensions Part-2

Topic 17: Packing efficiency in hcp and ccp structures

Topic 18: Efficiency of packing in body centred cubic structures

Topic 19: Packing efficiency in simple cubic lattice

Topic 20: Calculations involving unit cell dimensions

Topic 21: Imperfections in solids

Topic 22: Schottky and Frenkel defects

Topic 23: Impurity defect

Topic 24: Electrical properties – Conductors

Topic 25: Semiconductors

Topic 26: Magnetic properties

Topic 27: Classification of substances based on their magnetic properties

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