Chapter 9 : Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Topic 1: Reflection of light by spherical mirrors

Topic 2: Sign convention 

Topic 3: Focal length of spherical mirrors

Topic 4: The mirror equation  

Topic 5: Refraction  

Topic 6: Total internal reflection

Topic 7: Total internal reflection  in nature-Mirage

Topic 8: Optical fibres

Topic 9: Refraction at spherical surfaces and by lenses

Topic 10: Refraction by a lens

Topic 11: Refraction through a prism  

Topic 12: Recombination of white light  

Topic 13: Dispersion by a prism

Topic 14: Some natural phenomena due to sunlight

Topic 15: Scattering of light- Colour of sky  

Topic 16: Structure of eye

Topic 17: Correction of eye problems using lenses

Topic 18: Optical instruments- Compound microscope 

Topic 19: Telescope

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