Chapter 8: Cell: The Unit of Life

Topic 1: What is a cell?

Topic 2: Cell theory

Topic 3: An overview of cell

Topic 4: Prokaryotic cells

Topic 5: Cell envelope and its modifications

Topic 6: Ribosomes and inclusion bodies

Topic 7: Eukaryotic cells

Topic 8: Cell membrane

Topic 9: Cell wall

Topic 10: Endoplasmic reticulum

Topic 11: Golgi apparatus

Topic 12: Lysosomes

Topic 13: Vacuoles

Topic 14: Mitochondria

Topic 15: Plastids

Topic 16: Ribosomes

Topic 17: Cytoskeleton

Topic 18: Cilia and flagella

Topic 19: Centrosome and centrioles

Topic 20: Nucleus and microbodies

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