Chapter 9 -The Living Organisms – Characteristics and Habitats

Topic 1: Habitat and adaptation

Topic 2: Biotic and abiotic components

Topic 3: Terrestrial habitats

Topic 4: Adaptation of camel

Topic 5:  Adaptation of other animals in the desert

Topic 6: Adaptation of desert plants

Topic 7: Mountain regions

Topic 8: Trees in the mountain regions

Topic 9: Adaptation of animals in the grass land

Topic 10 : Adaptation of animals in the polar region

Topic 11 : Aquatic habitat

Topic 12:  Ponds and lakes

Topic 13: Adaptation of frog

Topic 14: Characteristics of living organisms

Topic 15: Organisms respire

Topic 16: Respiration of plants

Topic 17: Stimuli

Topic 18: Excretion in organisms

Topic 19: Living organisms reproduce

Topic 20 : Living things move

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