Chapter 15: Practical Geometry

Topic 1: A circle

Topic 2:  Construction of a circle of given radius

 Topic 3: A line segment 

Topic 4: Construction of a line segment of given length

Topic 5: Perpendiculars  

Topic 6: Perpendicular to the line through a point on it

Topic 7: Draw a perpendicular using a ruler and compass

Topic 8; Perpendicular  to a line through a point not on it 

Topic 9: The perpendicular bisector of a line segment  

Topic 10: Constructing an angle of given measure

Topic 11: Constructing the copy of an angle of unknown measure

Topic 12: Bisector of an angle 

Topic 13: Constructing a 60 degree angle

Topic 14: Constructing a 30 degree angle

Topic 15: Constructing a 120 degree angle

Topic 16: Constructing a 90 degree angle

Multiple choice questions

Practice problems

Note book

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