Chapter 11: Mensuration

Topic 1: Area of trapezium

Topic 2: Problem on areas of trapezium

Topic 3: Area of a general quadrilateral

Topic 4: Problem on finding area of quadrilateral

Topic 5: Area of special quadrilaterals

Topic 6: Problem on finding area of rhombus

Topic 7: Area of a polygon

Topic 8: Solid shapes

Topic 9: Surface area of cuboid

Topic 10: Surface area of cube

Topic 11: Surface area of  right circular cylinder

Topic 12: Problem

Topic 13: Volume of a cuboid

Topic 14: Volume of a cube

Topic 15: Volume of a cylinder

Topic 16: Volume and capacity

Topic 17: Problem

Topic 18: Volume of triangular prism

Topic 19: Volume of combined figures

Topic 20: Frustum of cone

Topic 21: Area of  field

Topic 22: Surface area of combination of solids

Topic 23: Area of composite figure

Topic 24: Area of combination of plane figures

Topic 25: Summary

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