Unitek's Young genius software for (Class/grade 5-7)

Fully syllabus based learning software Young genius

Unitek’s team of educational researchers, scientists, clinical psychologists, doctors and experts have reached to a stunning and surprising conclusion after their years long research that 99% of the students who score low marks in their exams are having high Intelligence Quotient and most of them are performing excellently in various other fields other than academics.They also found that this is because of many reasons which are very simple but serious. This can be overcome easily if timely supports are given to such students. Lack of scientific methods to give strong foundations and basics, misunderstanding of real concepts, commander soldier relationship between teachers/parents and students, failure in developing high confidence in the students, lack of practicing materials, unwanted fear and stress developed due to enormous work load and failure in giving small supports whenever they want are some of the main reasons.

Our researchers also conducted studies among thousands of students and found that a small supporting hand in studies, fearless learning atmosphere, confidence of having somebody who can help them, sufficient practicing modules, scientific and systematic learning systems and timely motivation can do wonders in the academic performances and results among such students. Once they start to score 100% marks they will be unstoppable thereafter.

Keeping these research results in mind Unitek has developed a fully syllabus based amazing software named Young genius for class 5th, 6th and 7th class/grade students. Young Genius is the result of years long research done by world renowned educational experts.

Unitek has been successful in developing the most advanced techniques, tools, modules and methods which help the students understand the concepts scientifically, effectively, systematically and perfectly. Young genius ensures effective learning, perfect practicing and excellent performance in exams by building a strong foundation before entering the high school classes.The scientifically developed learning tricks, excellent visuals, expert narrations, hint notes, content supplements, self-learning supports, numerous practicing options, trial and error methods, problem solving skills, unlimited solutions, advanced random generation question generation modules etc give the complete solutions for students. Tensions, stresses and fear for exams will no more be problem for students. Perfect learning develops high confidencein students and helps them write exams excellently with high speed and accuracy and thus can score very high marks.

The practicing modules provide various types of questions, tests, solutions, trial and error learning options, answers according to the corresponding syllabus norms, most frequently asked questions, previous year’s questions, questions selected by experts, clues, tricks, easy short cuts to check the answers, real time score check system etc……

A few of the main features of Young Genius
  1. Young genius covers every chapter and topic as in the text book
  2. The speed and accuracy in exams will be enhanced by many times if a student uses the software for just 15 minutes every day
  3. Exams can be written better, faster easier and effective with high confidence
  4. Prepared scientifically by renowned educational experts and curriculum specialists and India's top level teachers
  5. Hundreds of test papers, questions, techniques, tools, methods and hint notes, for practicing are given
  6. Step by step solutions as per syllabus norms can be generated if the answer is wrong
  7. Scientifically prepared modules enhance the speed, accuracy and perfection in exams
  8. World’s most advanced trial and error based self-learning system gives high confidence to the students.
  9. Scientifically developed technology make the learned portions get rooted in the memory for ever
  10. No need for frequent revisions.
  11. Option to select CBSE, ICSE, State or International syllabus in the same package
  12. Modules for drawing and marking
  13. Easy to install and easy to use
  14. Freedom for the customer to take the license key from the web site.
  15. Visuals and audio at par with British standards
  16. Facility to refer and learn any of the classes
  17. 24x7 accessibility
  18. No need of internet or to be online
  19. Single payment
  20. Most economical package available in its class.
And many more features
  1. Fear for exams will give way to high confidence. Students start to love exams and tests.
  2. Say no to tiring tuitions, expensive guides, unauthentic online data, CD’s and other extra supports.
  3. A single software contains A) CBSE, ICSE , IGCSE and various State syllabuses. B) 5 - 7 Classes with selection option for each class separately C) Fully syllabus based and covers every chapter and topic in Science, Mathematics and English Grammar D) British pronunciation
  4. The numerous practicing modules in the software give training to students to enhance the speed and accuracy during the exams. These modules make sure that the student completes the exam perfectly and effectively within the stipulated time.
  5. Unitek’s Software products are used by thousands of schools and millions of students across India and globally since 1994.
  6. No need of internet or to be online.
  7. The software is installable in Windows based computer.
  8. Onetime payment and four year’s use if used in the same computer.
  9. Updating is possible on syllabus changes at a nominal cost.
  10. Updating facility of the software is provided online. This enables the customer to update the software from anywhere in the world.
  11. The student gets continuous support.
  12. The software is like a world class teacher in your study room for 24 x 7 for the entire school years.
  13. Unitek's software solutions are the result of years long research by world class teachers, educational analysts and experts, clinical psychologists, software engineers, animators, content developers and a team of experts for selecting questions and solutions.
  14. The package is for a longer period, very economical, used by thousands of schools and students across India
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