Unitek’s Young Genius Class 5-7 ( 3 year combo pack ) (Software DVD)
Unitek’s Super Genius Class 11-12 ( Two year combo with NEET, JEE, IIT and Entrance modules (Software DVD)
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Unitek’s Super Genius Class 8-10 ( 3 year combo pack) (Software DVD)



  • A single software contains A) CBSE, ICSE , IGCSE and various State syllabuses.
  • B)  8, 9 and 10 Classes with selection option for each class separately
  • C) Fully syllabus based and covers every chapter and topic in Science, Mathematics and English Grammar
  • D)  British pronunciation
  • The numerous practicing modules in the software gives training to students to enhance the speed and accuracy during the exams. This makes sure that the student completesthe exam perfectly and effectively within the stipulated time.
  • Unitek’s Software products are used by thousands of schools and millions of students across India and globally since 1994.


  • It covers topics in Science, Mathematics and English grammar.

At the end of every chapter, various types of questions and tests are given for practicing.  A) Questions of various difficulty levels

  • B) Questions selected by educational experts C) Most probable questions usually coming for exams, D) Previous year's questions E) Twisted , tough, tricky and indirect questions . All questions are coming with options for hints, step by step explanations as per the syllabus norms and the answers.Right answer selection options, right answer with right steps, final evaluation, live scores etc are making the learning effective and perfect
  • Unique trial and error method helps the students to get the learned lessons rooted on the memory for ever and enhances the confidence level substantially.
  • In Mathematics, every chapter will have practice problems containing various types of questions as mentioned above. Every type of question will have many questions totalling hundreds of questions for practicing and perfecting.


Installable software in computers with windows OS (Windows 98 to Windows 8.1 or above).Licenses are protected by password for single and same computer.

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