English Grammar CBSE, ICSE, STATE, IGCSE (Software DVD)
Unitek’s Little Genius Junior Class 1- 4 ( 4 year Pack ) (Software DVD)
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Unitek’s Little Genius Kids : Preschool, LKG, UKG (Software CD)


This software is for Pre school, LKG, UKG. This software is intended to develop
1. The Language skills including writing skills and phonics
2. Science thoughts, understanding visuals, reasoning and applications
3.  Mathematical skills. The contents are developed based on CBSE, ICSE , Montessori , International and various State syllabuses.

This product has Two Major sectors:
Sector 1:
This sector contains hundreds of topics spread in A) Languages B) Science C) Mathematics
Fully syllabus based chapters and topics prepared scientifically and systematically by world renowned experts to give a strong foundation in languages including right method of letter writing, phonics, word blending, vowel rules and applications, perfecting  English grammar, English and other language pronunciation. English pronunciation is at par with British standards. Science and Mathematics covers hundreds of topics as per the syllabus with visuals, pronunciation, pictures, animations, explanations, practicing modules, questions, solutions, activities, answers and the topics are as per international standards. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, International syllabus and State syllabus are covered in the software. Most of the questions are random generated and always will keep on changing on every click.
Sector 2: 
This sector is for the total development of the child. Starting from Brain development, Memory multipliers, Colour sense developer, colour mixing techniques, creativity boosters, spelling learner, talent enhancer, stories, skill developer, time tests , coordination tests and many other activities which help the children excel in learning, practicing and scoring very high marks in exams. Every sector is equivalent to hundreds of CD’s Guides and books and developed by using the latest technology. Child psychologists, clinical psychologists, educational experts, animators, world renowned skill developers, student trainers ad software experts have worked for years to develop the unique and unmatched product.

All the above will come in a single software pack . No need of any supporting software to get installed in the computer. Highly user friendly and can be operated very easily.

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