Unitek’s Little Genius Junior Digital Premium Plus Class 1 – 4

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Unitek’s Little Genius Junior Digital Premium Plus Class 1 – 4


This software scientifically describes how to encounter the chapters and topics in the curriculum(Standard/Grade 1 to 4) and learn perfectly using the latest technological support. The skills children should develop to conquer the toughest topics with easiness and confidence. Our software covers a broad and balanced programme covering everything students should learn and practice.

A five phase, three at a time method is being used in this software which enables students learn the subjects 100 times better, faster, easier, effective, perfect and enjoyable. Every topic is explained with scientifically prepared notes, scientifically explaining visuals, animations, graphs and audio explanations given by experts. All contents are prepared by world renowned educational experts as per the exact chapters and topics in the text book.


It provides various types of questions, tests, solutions, trial and error learning options, answers according to the corresponding syllabus norms, most frequently asked questions, previous year’s questions, questions selected by experts, clues, tricks, easy short cuts to check the answers, real time score check system etc……
Educational experts call the period from standard 1 to 4 as the foundation period on Math, Science and English grammar. If the student gets a strong foundation on subjects during this time, he will never fail in exams thereafter, scientific studies prove. This package gives a strong foundation on the subjects according to CBSE, ICSE and State syllabus using scientifically and technologically perfect tools, methods, tests, solutions, trial and error systems covering every chapter and topic.

The speed and accuracy in exams will be enhanced by many times if a student uses the software for just 15 minutes every day.
1. Our software is mapped to the curriculum.
2. Prepared by renowned educational experts and curriculum specialists
3. Hundreds of test papers, questions for practicing, solutions if the answer is wrong
4. Scientifically prepared modules enhances the speed, accuracy and perfection in exams
5. Learned portions get rooted in the memory for ever
6. No need for frequent revisions.
7. CBSE, ICSE and State included in the same package
8. Strong foundation in grammar. Hundreds of tests and questions for grammar, which are essentially coming for exams, are given
in each chapter.

 Software for computers with Windows OS. Licenses are protected by password for single and same computer..