Unitek’s Little Genius Kids : Preschool, LKG, UKG
Unitek’s Young Genius Class 5-7 ( 3 year combo pack ) (Software DVD)
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Unitek’s Little Genius Junior Class 1- 4 ( 4 year Pack ) (Software DVD)


Fully syllabus based learning software for classes 1 to 4

This software is for CBSE, ICSE and various state syllabuses.

It covers topics in Science, Mathematics and English grammar .

It has a dynamic dictionary with meanings of words pronunciation.

It will mention whether the word is an adjective, noun or adverb.

It will give the plural and opposite whichever is applicable.

The software comes as a package for 4 years.

The foundation period for a primary student is from class 1 to 4.

This period is very important and foundations must be given as per syllabus and that should be rooted in the memory for ever.

At the end of every chapter, questions which were selected by experts, most probable

questions coming for exams, previous year's questions, questions of various difficulty levels, solutions, answers are given.

Right answer selection tools, trial and error learning system, right answer with right steps and evaluation and scoring module also included.

In mathematics hundreds of questions can be generated using the random generation technology.


One software covers fully syllabus based Mathematics, Science, English grammar.

The software is offline and needs no internet.

One time payment and life time use if in the same computer.

Every  chapter is given with questions of various types and difficulty levels, previous year's questions, expert selected question, most probable questions which come for exams.

Solution options, trial and error learning techniques, Random generation questions in Math, Hints, answers with right steps and right methods are few of the features
why it is different from others products

This product is fully offline, no need of internet, Every chapter and topic in the text book is scientifically explained using visuals, graphs and verbal explanations.
Every chapter is given with most probable questions for exams, hot questions, expert selected questions, It is single PC password protected for one computer use.

The package is for a longer period, very economical, used by thousands of schools and students across India.

Installable software in computers with windows OS (Windows 98 to Windows 8.1 or above).Licenses are protected by password for single and same computer.

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