UN02CB-Unitek’s Little Genius Junior Digital Premium Plus Class 2


Subjects covered in one year pack:

1) Science 2) Mathematics 3) English grammar .

Technical requirements:

Products are developed for computers with Windows OS. Every software is protected with a password.
No need to install any other software or applications.
Read directions carefully before starting installation.

Validity: 1 Year from the date of installation.

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Subject and Chapters with Demo Video


Chapter 1: Living Things And Non Living Things
Chapter 2: Plants
Chapter 3: Uses of Plants
Chapter 4: Animals
Chapter 5: Human Body
Chapter 6: Food For Health
Chapter 7: Air Around Us
Chapter 8: Water
Chapter 9: Soil, Rocks And Minerals
Chapter 10: Light And Shadow
Chapter 11: Safety And First Aid
Chapter 12: Our Houses
Chapter 13: Clothes We Wear
Chapter 14: The Earth
Chapter 15: Weather And Seasons
Chapter 16: Means of Communication
Chapter 17: Means of Transport
Chapter 18: Festivals
Chapter 19: Our National Festivals
Chapter 20: My Neighbourhood
Chapter 21: People Who Help Us
Chapter 22: Schools


Chapter 1: Numbers
Chapter 2: Addition
Chapter 3: Subtraction
Chapter 4: Multiplication
Chapter 5: Division
Chapter 6: Find the missing number
Chapter 7: Unitary method
Chapter 8: Factors and multiples
Chapter 9: Fractions
Chapter 10: Decimals
Chapter 11: Data hadling
Chapter 12: Measurement
Chapter 13: Geometry
Chapter 14: Mensuration
Chapter 15: Money
Chapter 16: Time

English Grammar

Verbs: Tenses


1. Our software is mapped to the curriculum.
2. Prepared by renowned educational experts and curriculum specialists
3. Hundreds of test papers, questions for practicing, solutions if the answer is wrong
4. Scientifically prepared modules enhances the speed, accuracy and perfection in exams
5. Learned portions get rooted in the memory for ever
6. No need for frequent revisions.
7. Strong foundation in grammar. Hundreds of tests and questions for grammar, which are essentially coming for exams, are given in each chapter.


All the features mentioned above come as a pack in single software, Installable in computers with Windows OS. It is single PC password protected for one computer use. It is a unique product which is very economical, content rich, easy to install, easy to use software used by thousands of schools and students across India and in many

Software for computers with Windows OS. Licenses are protected by password for single and same computer.

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