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UNENCB-Entrance (Online Version)


Entrance practicing modules for NEET and JEE beginners. The most innovative, advanced and effective practicing modules for very high scores in entrance exams.


Unitek provides the most advanced scientific teaching tools, learning methods and practicing modules. This gives strong foundation by imprinting the real concepts in the brain of the students.
Important features:
1. Real time online tests
2. Instant assessment with minus marks and final score
3. Enhances the speed, accuracy and perfection
4. Practice sessions with various types of questions and tests. Options for tips and answers for every question
5. Trial and error system considerably improves confidence to face exams
6. Fear for exams will give way to high confidence. Students start to love exams and tests
7. Thousands of twisted, tough, tricky and indirect questions
8. Carefully chosen questions of various difficulty levels
9. Exam oriented questions selected by educational experts
10.Subjects covered for NEET: 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology
11.Subjects covered for JEE beginners: 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Mathematics

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