Physical World
Motion In a Straight Line

Units and Measurements

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: The international system of units
Topic 3: Some SI units retained for general use
Topic 4: Measurement of length
Topic 5: Measurement of large distances  (View Demo)
Topic 6: Solved problems
Topic 7: Estimation of very small distances: Size of a molecule
Topic 8: Range of lengths
Topic 9: Measurement of mass
Topic 10: Range of masses
Topic 11: Measurement of time
Topic 12: Accuracy, precision of instruments and errors in measurement
Topic 13: Systemic errors
Topic 14: Random errors
Topic 15: Absolute error, relative error and percentage error
Topic 16: Solved problems
Topic 17: Combination of errors
Topic 18: Significant figures
Topic 19: Rules to determine the significant figures in a given number
Topic 20: Rules for arithmetic operations with significant figures
Topic 21: Rounding off the uncertain digits
Topic 22: Dimensions of physical quantities
Topic-23: Dimensional formulae and dimensional equations
Topic 24: Checking the dimensional consistency of equations
Topic 25: Deducing relation among the physical quantities