Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Mineral Nutrition

Transport In Plants

Topic 1: Transportation in plants- Introduction
Topic 2: Means of Transport – Diffusion
Topic 3: Facilitated Diffusion
Topic 4: Active Transport
Topic 5: Comparison of Different Transport Processes
Topic 6: Plant-Water Relations
Topic 7: Water potential
Topic 8: Osmosis
Topic 9: Plasmolysis
Topic 10: Imbibition
Topic 11: Long distance transport of water  (View Demo)
Topic 12: How do Plants Absorb Water?
Topic 13: Water Movement up a Plant
Topic 14: Transpiration
Topic 15: Transpiration and Photosynthesis – a Compromise
Topic 16: Uptake of mineral ions
Topic 17: Translocation of mineral ions
Topic 18: Phloem Transport: Flow from Source to Sink
Topic 19: The Pressure Flow or Mass Flow Hypothesis