Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Structure of Atoms

Topic 1 : Sub-atomic particles   (View Demo)
Topic 2: Charge to mass ratio of electron
Topic 3: Discovery of protons and neutron
Topic 4: Millikan’s oil drop method
Topic 5 : Atomic models – Thomson’s model of atom
Topic 6: Rutherford’s nuclear model of atom
Topic 7: Atomic number and mass number
Topic 8: Isobars and isotopes
Topic 9: Wave nature of electromagnetic radiation
Topic 10: Planck’s quantum theory
Topic 11: Photoelectric effect
Topic 12: Dual behaviour of electromagnetic radiation
Topic 13: Spectrum and continuous spectrum
Topic 14: Emission and absorption spectra
Topic 15: Line spectrum of hydrogen
Topic 16: Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom
Topic 17: Towards quantum mechanical model of the atom
Topic 18: Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
Topic 19: Quantum mechanical model of atom
Topic 20: Shapes of atomic orbitals
Topic 21: Energies of orbitals
Topic 22: Filling of orbitals in atom
Topic 23: Electronic configuration in atoms