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Structure of Atoms

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Topic 1: Development of chemistry   (View Demo)
Topic 2: Importance of chemistry
Topic 3: Nature of matter
Topic 4: Classification of matter
Topic 5: Properties of matter and their measurement
Topic 6: The international system of units
Topic 7: Mass, weight, volume, density and temperaure
Topic 8: Uncertainty in measurement
Topic 9: Mathematical operations
Topic 10: Dimensional analysis
Topic 11: Law of conservation of mass
Topic 12: Law of definite and multiple proportions
Topic 13: Gay Lussac’s law of gaseous volumes
Topic 14: Avogdro’s law
Topic 15: Dalton’s atomic theory
Topic 16: Atomic and molecular masses
Topic 17: Mole concept and molar masses
Topic 18: Percentage composition
Topic 19: Empirical formula for molecular formula
Topic 20: Stoichiometry and stoichiometric calculations
Topic 21: Reactions in solutions