Motion In a Straight Line
Laws of Motion

Motion in a Plane

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Scalars and vectors- Position and displacement vectors, Equality of vectors
Topic 3: Multiplication of vectors by real numbers
Topic 4: Addition and subtraction of vectors — Graphical method
Topic5: Resolution of vectors
Topic 6: Vector addition — Analytical method
Topic 7: Motion in a plane- Position vector and displacement
Topic 8: Motion in a plane – Velocity
Topic 9: Motion in a plane – Acceleration
Topic 10: Motion in a plane with constant acceleration
Topic 11: Relative velocity in two dimensions
Topic 12: Projectile motion
Topic 13: Equation of path of projectile motion
Topic 14: Time of maximum height and maximum height of a projectile
Topic 15: Horizontal range of a projectile
Topic 16: Uniform circular motion  (View Demo)