Mechanical Properties of Solids
Thermal Properties of Matter

Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Pressure
Topic 3: Pascal’s law  (View Demo)
Topic 4: Variation of pressure with depth
Topic 5: Variation of Pressure with Depth- Solved problem
Topic 6: Atmospheric Pressure and gauge pressure
Topic 7: Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure – solved problems
Topic 8: Hydraulic Machines
Topic 9: Working of a hydraulic brake
Topic 10: Hydraulic machines- Solved problem
Topic 11: Streamline flow and turbulent flow
Topic 12: Bernoulli’s principle
Topic 13: Speed of Efflux: Torricelli’s Law
Topic 14: Venturi-meter
Topic 15: Blood flow and heart attack
Topic 16: Dynamic lift
Topic 17: Dynamic lift- The working principle of an aeroplane
Topic 18: Solved problem
Topic 19: Viscosity
Topic 20: Reynolds number
Topic 21: Surface energy and surface tension
Topic 22: Angle of contact
Topic 23: Drops and bubbles
Topic 24: Capillary rise
Topic 25: Detergents and surface tension