Excretory products and their Elimination
Neural Control and Coordination

Locomotion and Movement

Topic 1: Types of Movement
Topic 2: Muscle
Topic 3: Skeletal muscle
Topic 4: Visceral muscle
Topic 5: Cardiac muscles
Topic 6: Structure of muscle- Muscle bundle and muscle fibre
Topic 7: Structure of Contractile Proteins
Topic 8: Mechanism of Muscle Contraction
Topic 9: Skeletal System
Topic 10: Axial skeleton
Topic 11: The skull
Topic 12: Vertebral column  (View Demo)
Topic 13: Ribs
Topic 14: Appendicular skeleton – Pectoral girdle
Topic 15: Pelvic girdle
Topic 16: Joints
Topic 17: Disorders of Muscular and Skeletal System