Redox Reactions


Topic 1: Equilibrium introduction
 Topic 2 : Equilibrium in physical processes
Topic 3: Liquid – Vapour Equilibrium
Topic 4: Solid – Vapour equilibrium
Topic 5: Equilibrium involving dissolution of solid or gases in liquids   (View Demo)
 Topic 6: Equilibrium in chemical processes – Dynamic equilibrium
Topic 7: Law of chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constant
Topic 8: Homogeneous equilibria
Topic 9 : Heterogeneous equilibria
Topic 10 : Applications of equilibrium constants
Topic 11: Predicting the extent of a reaction
Topic 12: Predicting the direction of the reaction
Topic 13: Calculating equilibrium concentrations
Topic 14 : Relationship between equilibrium constant K ,Q and G
Topic 15: Factors affecting equilibria -1
 Topic 16: Factors affecting equilibria -2
Topic 17: Ionic equilibrium in solution
Topic 18: Acids ,bases and salts
Topic 19: Arrhenius concept of acids
Topic 20: The Bronsted – Lowry acids and bases
Topic 21: Lewis acids and bases
Topic 22 : Ionization of acids and bases
Topic 23: The p H scale
Topic 24: Ionization constant of weak acids
Topic 25: Ionization of weak bases
Topic 26: Factors affecting acid strength
Topic 27: Common ion effect in the ionization of acids and bases.
Topic 28: Hydrolysis of salts and the p H of their solutions
Topic 29: Buffer solutions