Cell:The Unit of Life
Cell Cycle and Cell Division


Topic1: How to Analyse Chemical Composition?
Topic 2: Biomacromolecules
Topic 3: Proteins
Topic 4: Polysaccharides
Topic 5: Nucleic Acids
Topic 6: Structure of Proteins
Topic 7: Nature of Bond Linking Monomers in a Polymer
Topic 8: Dynamic State of Body Constituents – Concept of Metabolism  (View Demo)
Topic 9: Metabolic Basis for Living
Topic 10: The Living State
Topic 11: Enzymes
Topic 12: Chemical reactions
Topic 13: How do Enzymes bring about such High Rates of Chemical .
Topic 14: Nature of Enzyme Action
Topic 15: Factors affecting enzyme activity
Topic 16: Classification and nomenclature of enzymes
Topic 17: Co-factors