Basic Geometrical Ideas

Understanding Elementary Shapes

Topic 1: Measuring line segments  (View Demo)
Topic 2: Comparison using ruler and divider
Topic 3: Angles- ‘Right ‘ and ‘Straight’
Topic 4: Angles- ‘Acute’, ‘Obtuse’ and ‘reflex’
Topic 5: Measuring angles using a protractor
Topic 6: Construction of angle using a protractor
Topic 7: Construction of angle using set squares and ruler
Topic 8: Perpendicular lines
Topic 9: Draw a perpendicular using set squares
Topic 10: Triangles
Topic 11: Naming triangles based on angles and sides
Topic 12: Quadrilaterals
Topic 13: Polygons
Topic 14: Three dimensional shapes : Faces, edges and vertices
Multiple choice questions
Practice problems

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